Hey! I'm Alexey Rybak, CTO Executive with primary focus on scaling companies and/or engineering organisations. My LinkedIn.
I was CTO & VP engineering in Bumble/Badoo, Vezet Group, Constrictor Group, Pizza Hut Technology Ventures (Yum! Brands).
My new EdTech/EdPaaS project: DevHands.io - online Large-Scale & Performance bootcamp for developers.
I also act as CTO advisor or seasoned/in-residence CTO, and do provide consulting services as well (tech/product audit, strategy & processes, org efficiency etc). My email: alexey d0t rybak AT gmail d0t com

Selected publications (all in Russian):

Couple of OS projects I was involded in my prevois life:

Here's my hobby educational project

Large-scale projects development (scaling LAMP)
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